DEBORAHBROOKS_000Deborah B. Brooks

Democratic Candidate for Orange County Register of Deeds 

38 Years in Orange County Register of Deeds Office 

Exceptional Knowledge in understanding and applying the NC General Statutes 

Assistant Register of Deeds for 12 years, and Register of Deeds for the past 4 and a half years


The Register of Deeds, a political official with a four-year term, serves as custodian and manager of a large number of public records. These records are recorded and maintained in compliance with the North Carolina General Statutes.

Deborah Brooks is the Register of Deeds of Orange.  She is an Orange County native and has lived in Orange County all of her life.  She was educated in Orange County Schools and has an Associate Degree in Business Administration Durham Technical Community College.  Deborah was one of the first in our state to become a Certified Register of Deeds by the NC Association of Register of Deeds.

In filing for re-election Deborah says:

I have given 38 years of service to the Orange County Register of Deeds office, including Deputy Register of Deeds I, II, and III.  My service as Assistant Register of Deeds provided me effective and successful experience in areas such as employee management, budget analysis and preparation, technology use and evaluation, decision making and leadership.

I was elected by the citizens of Orange County to serve as their Register of Deeds. I feel so fortunate and honored to have served my community in this capacity the last four years.  The maintaining and accessibility of public records: historic, present and future is of the utmost importance to the success of my office and the integrity of Orange County’s land title records.  The best of my knowledge and experience is invested in knowing, understanding and applying the NC General Statutes with a top priority commitment to accuracy and integrity of every citizen’s records. With that commitment I also make sure that your records are maintained and accessible using the best and most cost effective technology available.

Improvements to operations are researched and implemented as needed with full consideration of impact to our taxpayers.  Here are some completed, continuing and projected improvements to our office:


Lowered copy fee—implemented November, 2010

E-Recording of Satisfactions— implemented September, 2011

The Register of Deeds office is now accepting Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express Credit Cards. Please call the office for details.


Back scanning of older birth, death and marriage records (done by staff in addition to their daily responsibilities with no additional cost to taxpayers).

Real estate documents dating back to 1752 are scanned and being reviewed with a projected date for online access in late March or early April, 2014.


Accepting Credit Cards to pay fees (implemented April, 2014).

E-Recording of all real estate documents (projected implementation June, 2014).

I want to continue to serve you, the citizens of Orange County, with pride in the invaluable wealth of knowledge and experience I bring to my office and the commitment I have to give you the most effective service which you deserve.

Contact Deborah Brooks   Follow on Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/reelectdeborahbrooks

Deborah Brooks, 3001 Open Lane, Hillsborough, NC      telephone: 919.880.5982



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